More About Me

Welcome to Soulful Sheen, home to all my thoughts and ramblings!! I’m Kamande, a studying university student who also enjoys playing piano, working out, movie marathons and long walks.

This blog will serve to exhibit points of revelation in my life that have given me fresh appreciations and perspectives. The simple things in life captivate me and it is the imbedded symbolism I see around me that inspires me to write. You will also see some attempts at poetry as my inspiration guides me.

I appreciate you taking time to visit my blog and I truly hope my words will lead you to shine with the most soulful sheen! Feel free to follow my blog and leave comments with your thoughts and questions, let’s get this conversation started!

Song of the Month 🔊

And now here’s a little treat for my regulars, every now and then I will update this section with a song that’s in my top played and that I think you should give a listen!

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