Purple Lupine

Here is my tale of a special encounter
Beginning with the warm and bright sun
Drifting across the sparsely clouded sky
It’s rays sifted through the forest’s canopy

Landing on an uneven dirt path
It lended a polka dot fashion
With roots that seem to connect the dots
And green sprouts bringing life to the canvas

Looking around I smile
Knowing I chose the right day
To leave my house for a change
The birds chirping as if to cheer me on

To my right, off the traveled path
The vines and branches looked odd
Intertwined in an alluring pattern
Seemingly shrouding something special

Parting the bushes, I saw defiance
Like the sword Excalibur
Embedded deep in the rich earth
She stood tall, fully knowing her worth

The scene was calling me closer
Each step empowering me
I imagine anyone who holds you
Will feel like they own the world

Once fully inside the atmosphere changed
No leaves rustled and the chirping ceased
It was just you and me
Sharing a moment to be forever remembered

The palette of colors you presented
Was much more than my eyes could stomach
Hungry for you I began to water
Though not my mouth, but my eyes

Enamoured, I chuckled at the irony
In meeting the most exciting
While doing the most mundane
Pitying the many who quit before striking gold

Today I caught a glimpse of beauty
Carefully memorizing this place
I promised to be back tomorrow
I swore to never loose you

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