Boy in the Balcony

Feet wading in warm summer rays
Slouched, I sit with heavy shoulders
Supported only by my narrow chin
On this cold metal railing

Eyeing the distance, my mind drifts
Entranced by the inviting playground
The very picture of amusement
Parked beyond this cold metal railing

Despite the distance, I hear it all
With ears tuned to the fun frequency
I know they are having a ball
Free from this cold metal railing

The clicking bike chains and squeaking slides
The running footsteps and excited cries
A symphony that delights any child
Even me, cursing this cold metal railing

Carelessly letting my eyes linger
Another pair happens to meet mine
Soft and kind, her eyes looked curious
About this cold metal railing

Choosing flight over fight
Pulling my eyes away too late
I hear the sound of approaching footsteps
Timidly grasping that cold metal railing

“Hey” she says “I know you –
You’re the boy in the balcony!”
The two others chime in agreement
Just below the cold metal railing

“I want to be as high as you!” said one
“You can probably see everything!” said another
Their misplaced jealousy only pushed me further away
Hiding behind the cold metal railing

In a hopeful voice she offers
“Come down and play with us!”
My heart quickens and with longing eyes
I shake my head, holding the cold metal railing

Suddenly they understand
Seeing the height for hinderance
And decorative railing for bars
Exposing my cold metal railing

Though the only boy with a balcony
This luxury came with a price
Watching them run back to play
Leaving me alone, next to this cold metal railing

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