What If… I never need to sleep?

If my body didn’t need to spend nights asleep
No anxious waiting from counting sheep
No cautionary checks to ensure alarms are set
No rooster to wake me and leave me upset

Every evening I would still say my good nights
Then into my room, slip out of sight
Scrolling through YouTube, a trailer I spot
I watch, I like, then off to Netflix I trot

Turning my head to look at the time
Half the night is gone, how sublime
Stiff as a board, my back begs to move
So I play my music then do a funky groove

Still not tired I begin looking for more
I decide to finally clean my room, what a chore
A pass of the broom first, then the mop second
A clean room is good for the soul, many reckon

During my busy times I made myself a promise
To pick up a book and dive into its premise
To read and learn about the world around me
And maybe even write about what it can be

They say we spend one third of our life asleep
Time more than enough for my promises to keep
Despite that I still struggle to do what I say
Maybe the issue isn’t time but my tendency to delay

Continuing my late night adventure
Opening my window I gaze up at nature
On the black dotted canvas I trace Pisces the fish
A shooting star catches my eye, prompting a wish

To resist sleep is a strange superpower
It’s too simple, a dandelion if it were a flower
I wonder, do I still get tired or even yawn?
I wonder, can I still rest or appreciated the dawn?

Peeling a banana, my late-night fuel for the mind
I realize how often I value time like discarded rind
Like time spent well there is also a reward in sleep
The value of small everyday things sums to a large heap

Many things I take for granted, but I now see
My sleep is needed, healthy and key
My time is as valuable as can be
And my life is a journey to be traveled by me

I’m getting tired writing this, oh the irony
I wish to be able to sleep again, I decree
To all a good night
Sweet dreams and sleep tight

16 thoughts on “What If… I never need to sleep?

Add yours

  1. I feel sleeping is the most wonderful part of my day! The only time I can relax and travel into my own world where I can only feel things that I want to. A kind of escape from the real world where things always go beyond your expectation !!

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  2. A lovely poem, for sure! I have often thought about how much I could get done if I could disregard sleep. But I then think of your verse about how we might still “delay our promises” despite how much extra time we might gain from zero hours of sleep. Love it! ♥️

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  3. Great Job…That’s a lovely poem! This is so true…I was just attending my online classes and was just soooo tired co-incidentally that is when I read this…It makes so much more sense when you experience it! Sleep is necessary…Let us value it!
    Also, the fact that we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping….I am still processing the math in my head….(I m weak at math!)
    Even though we could live without sleep…when I am on my bed…I just plug in my earphones and watch NETFLIX all night and I can do that every day…I know I am not alone

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    1. I have pulled too many all nighters (mostly because of procrastinating tbh) and I always end up being a literally zombie the next day. I have learned we cant cheat sleep. Netflix, youtube, instagram etc. If we arent careful they are all traps I have fallen into one too many times haha. Im glad you like the poem!

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