On the Edge

a short read

The Story

In a small town far away, there lived a quiet little boy named Atticus. One warm afternoon, like all the others, his mother stood waiting for him at the bus stop. Spotting Mom out of the bus window, Atticus sprouted a big smile and bubbling with joy waved eagerly to catch her eye. Jumping out of the bus he grabbed her hand and they began their short walk home. Later that evening after having dinner once his father came back from work, Atticus was getting very tired. Quickly finishing his nightly routine, he climbed into bed clean and ready and called his mother to turn off the lights. Appearing at his door, she blew him a goodnight kiss just before flipping the switch.

Though asleep, Atticus was restless. With the entire house quiet, the calm silence suddenly ended with a loud thud. Shocked awake, Atticus’ mouth opened before his eyes and let out a painful scream. Trying to piece together what just happened he asked himself why he was on the floor next to his bed. Almost immediately the shake and sound of frenzied footsteps caused Atticus to lift his head, seeing his door burst open and his parents rushing in. In one smooth motion his father swept him up, pulling him close he assured Atticus that everything was alright. His mother kissed his bruised elbow and then gently asked what had happened. High up, looking down at the floor from his father’s arms, Atticus let out a little sob then sheepishly replied, “I guess I stayed too close to where I got in”.

Going All In

There is something about the innocence attached to the answers children give. In addition to the lesson of not sleeping on the edge of your bed, I see this as a lesson in commitment. It warns of the inevitable disappoint that will come from expecting more than one puts in. Atticus’ restless night even speaks to the shallow experience brought about by kiddie-pool levels of commitment. Here ambition is not the culprit, in fact it is one trait of a soulful sheen we should all aim to achieve. To have vision is necessary, however the walk must match the talk otherwise one’s dreams will never materialize. The same goes within relationships, it is impossible for one to give only half their heart to another. Any attempt is unfair to both parties and leads to a short, cheap imitation of the real thing.

The true beauty of many things is hidden deep within it’s vocation, and you can only get there by going all in. If success is the goal then it is risky being on the edge. Push off from shore, don’t look back and set sail for the horizon to discover all the amazing things waiting for you!

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  1. Thanks for the “like” and the “follow” for my efforts at naturereligionconnection! I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. In just glancing and sampling, I am struck by your site’s organization and very clean and professional look. Congratulations and Thanks!

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  2. *you have the inner talent to swim deep into your creative soul
    and manifest masterpieces
    and go even deeper and materialize more masterpieces*I

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