A Soulful Sheen

It began with a falling ember
Oh how the soft light begged for my attention
Shrouded in darkness I listened
Fixated, I watched the fleeting light fall like a leaf in the wind

About to disappear behind the lip of a well
I quickly moved to peer over the ledge
Illuminated, I gazed at my life painted around the walls
My circle of life; challenging, cherished and ever changing

Looking further, the depths remain hidden to the small ember’s light
A craving sets in for more, I know there is more to see
As this dawn opens my eyes to the story of me
And how much remains unwritten, the potential to be

As the light dies everything is flooded by darkness
Only kept afloat by the curiosity of the deep
Unsatisfied and wanting, there is only one thing I need
To once again peer over the ledge so steep

Memory waning, I begin sinking
Staring into the barrel of a life full of unmet desires;
But refusing to succumb I search for something
For anything to bring about a new dawn

I finally found it
A flammable soul and a fiery passion
When these two things collide like a match to its box, a fire was born
The dawn had come again

Ignited, I ran to the well and climbed in
I wanted to see more, I wanted to be more
The wall before me, bright and warm from my inner glow
Chisel and hammer in hand I begin carving my own story

My canvas of life; challenging, cherished and ever changing
I begin the journey to reach my true potential
And should the fire ever expire
I will again find the passion to my soul

This toil and tussle of fighting to find me
Is truly an honorable quest with the ultimate prize
A soulful sheen brighter than any sun
A state of being whose flow ebbs with life and love

37 thoughts on “A Soulful Sheen

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  1. “Once you discover the light within you,
    the only people who need the light without to come out of darkness
    are those who haven’t discovered God’s light from within them.”

    _-Van Prince

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  2. Wow, this is just an amazing piece!! I am speechless! Such beautiful writing and the magical flow of your words was a joy to read! Keep shining friend, much love ๐Ÿ–ค

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