Flight 2020: The Window Seat

Take a look into what 2020 meant for me and how it reminded me of my mission trip to Paraguay. It all starts with me at the airport, stepping into a dimly lit boarding tunnel...

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Comparison Kills

It is human to compare, to try to best others over even the most mundane. However is this a healthy way to live? what side effects ensue from comparing? and how do you choose a fitting ruler to measure up against?

Reading the Blueprint

We are surrounded by both well and poorly designed items everyday though the latter is what the mind pays attention to, why? Lets explore what qualifies good design and look at an example of impeccable design we can all relate to.

Emotional Independence

Independence, maturity and self-discovery. All these words describe parts of a necessary shift that everybody has to undertake at some point in their lives. How do you choose from countless passions and tame strong emotions to ultimately make a decision to pursue a direction for your life?

From High School to University

How do you do well in university? This is the question I asked so many people when I was faced with the jump from highschool to university. However I was never satisfied with the answers I got. Having completed my first year I decided to revisit that question, so here is my attempt at an answer for all those still asking.

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